Why You Should Give Your Blog A Professional Makeover

A lot of times the reason your blog is not getting enough traffic or not growing as much as it should is partly due to the way that it looks. Your readers, potential subscribers and even potential sponsors may be turned off your blog if your blog does not look a certain way. People prefer sites that look more professional and be very user friendly.

A lot of blogs may not be easy to navigate and readers may have a difficult time locating specific posts, new posts that have recently been published or posts on certain topics they are interested in. Some sites may also not be mobile friendly and this could make them lose a lot of traffic as a large number of people tend to use their phones more often than their laptops when looking through websites. Having a professional looking, easy to navigate and user friendly site has a multiple benefits such as it will increase your traffic, grow your subscribers, bring in more traffic from outside of WordPress and it is more likely to make more income than non-professional looking blogs.

Unfortunately, hiring a professional to give your blog a makeover or to make it look more professional may be too expensive for a lot of people especially if you are just starting out and are not making much of an income. Luckily, it is possible to give your blog a makeover for free and by yourself. Here are some ways through which you can give your blog a nice little professional makeover:

Improve the quality of your posts

Improving the quality of your existing and future posts and your site will instantly look so much more professional. You can do this in a number of ways. First, I would highly recommend going through older posts and adding relevant tags and categories. For a lot of bloggers it’s not until they have been blogging for a while that they fully understand how tags and categories work and therefore some of your older posts may not be getting the views they deserve.

Next, I would definitely recommend going through all your older posts and making sure there are no grammar mistakes or typos. This will make them look more professionally written. I think making sure you use the correct tags, categories and keywords in future posts is also very important in both increasing traffic/followers and making your blog look more professional to anyone reading it- especially potential sponsors because this is definitely something they will look at before deciding whether or not to work with you.

For more on how to use tags properly

Images, gifs, infographics and anything like that is really great for your blog. Not only does it make the blog look more professional, interesting, fun to read and well edited it also helps increase your SEO and traffic. Using appropriate images in appropriate posts is always a great way to give your posts/blog a mini-makeover. I would highly recommend going through your posts especially really old ones and adding a couple of images/other similar things like gifs to just make them pop a little and stand out to the reader. Images also help lighten the reading when your posts are a little longer and it gives the reader a break from reading.