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#TikTok Drain #Poetry!

I haven’t penned a poem for a while, but something inspired me today, and here it is… on TikTok, for you. If you are a Tiktoker, do follow me on there, otherwise, just enjoy my poetic musings! @ritubhathalauthor How Tiktok affected my life #poetrytok #spokenword #browntok #authortok #fyp #foryou#foryoupage ♬ Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Orchestral…

In Daylight…

(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch) My early morning wheelchair tour of Arnstadt, Germany, takes me up a street and past the Indian restaurant that we were in after the John Kay (of Steppenwolf, ‘Born to be wild’ fame) the evening before. Daylight reveals details I completely missed in the darkness, like the large swan painting on…

August Photo A Day Challenge

August 4 – Colleagues A workforce where I belong From day 1, I was lucky and still am today, for having these wonderful, creative, and amazing co-workers. My job was less hard work because of their kindness and support. They have my respect in full profusion!August Photo A Day Challenge

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